🗺️Roadmap (draft)

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Target Audience (TA)


Short Term

創新者和早期採用者 (有投資操作經驗、知道 diversification 重要性的用戶)

提供有效的 Fund 的管理工具,可以依照 Index 或是人工配置投資組合,可以一鍵入金並且參與 liquidity mining,reinvesting, rebalance 等功能

Mid Term


  • 開始針對 KOL, Seeking Alpha 上的財經專家等等,提供建立投資組合服務,可以是單純跟單,我們同樣提供指令集,也可以是透過模組化工具發出區塊鏈代幣,讓代幣可以自由流通與贖回 (什麼意思?)

  • rebalance, 把資金移動到新的 pool 等需要信任的操作,可以結合 Eigenlayer 去實作 (可能是個可以融資的 narrative)

    • 讓人提交缺漏的pool 或是新的 portfolio, 可以拿到 point 等 reward, 並且學 OP roll up dispute 的做法,沒人挑戰的話就會拿到,失敗的話就slash Eigenlayer 的 collateral (collateral would be burnt)

Long Term

後期大眾 (與實際資產管理公司、銀行等渠道合作)

  • toB: 與實際資產管理公司合作,在既有平台支持者的前提下,更協助合規金融機構針對 RWA 資產建構投資組合,金融機構專家可以夠過該產品輕鬆發行自己的基金投資組合,並且透過我們的基金平台,或是任何基金平台完成基金的募集與銷售

  • toC: 透過資管公司、銀行等渠道,讓我們的 index fund 可以接近從未操作過錢包的平民百姓們



Launch POC

  • Achieve "Click Once, Diversify Forever" in AA wallet

  • Might implement:

    • 1 Click claim

    • 1 Click withdraw and swap LP tokens back to arbitrary tokens.


Implement Pricing Feature + Point System

  • Need to charge 10%~20% Performance fee and collect user feedbacks


Cross-Chain Investment

  • Milestone description: Cross-Chain Investment

    • Deliverable #1: Use Squid's cross-chain contract call to allow users to invest in assets from Arbitrum on other chains.

    • Deliverable #2: Integrate BNB's Radiant, allowing users to interact only with Arbitrum's contract but still have the ability to invest in the BSC chain.

    • Deliverable #3: Ditto, but integrate OP's Velodrome. Deliverable #4: Ditto, but integrate Ethereum's Olympus DAO.

  • Current progress: Have read the documentation from Squid about how to perform the cross-chain contract call.

  • KPI Goals: Should integrate at least 3 pools on BSC, OP, or Ethereum.

  • How to measure your milestone/KPI progress:

    • 1. Should be able to deposit funds into BSC's Radiant pool through Arbitrum's 1-click zap-in.

    • 2. Should be able to deposit funds into OP's Velodrome pool through Arbitrum's 1-click zap-in.

    • 3. Should be able to deposit funds into Ethereum's Olympus pool through Arbitrum's 1-click zap-in.


Farming Pool Optimizer

  • Idea: Use Eigenlayer to prevent malicious strategy from Farming Pool Optimizer

    • Problem: Ideally, user can just click once and leave everything like "Moving LPs from farming pool A to farming pool B for the higher reward" to the protocol. But what that pool is malicious? Attackers can vote or propose some malicious pools and then rug pool the money from All Weather's users.

    • Solution: Use Eigenlayer to protect those fund using Farming Pool Optimizer. But need more research to know how to implement


Issue Token + dLP Mechanism

  • Milestone description: Token Issuance + dLP Mechanism

    • Deliverable #1: Issue an Omnichain ERC20 token.

    • Deliverable #2: dLP mechanism. This protocol will require users to lock their WEA-ETH LP (dLP) tokens as a commission to receive the full portfolio rewards.

  • Current progress: None

  • KPI Goals: 10% of users have locked some dLP tokens in the pool.

  • How to measure your milestone/KPI progress:

    • 1. Use Dune Analytics to monitor the locked TVL of dLP.

    • 2. Use CoinGecko to track the token price.


Decentralized Fund Manager

  • Milestone description: Decentralized Fund Manager

    • Deliverable #1: Allow users who have locked dLP to vote on portfolio allocation.

    • Deliverable #2: In addition, they can propose to add or remove any investments to or from the portfolio. The team will implement changes based on voting results.

  • Current progress: None

  • KPI Goals:

    • 1. 20% of voting power has participated in portfolio allocation voting at least once.

    • 2. Have added and removed at least 1 pool to/from the portfolio.

  • How to measure your milestone/KPI progress:

    • 1. Use Dune Analytics to track the voting attendance rate.

    • 2. Use Dune Analytics to track the number of pools added or removed to/from the portfolio.


Omnichain Portfolio

Allow users to invest in this portfolio from multiple chains


Factor-Driven Weight Adjustment

When making adjustments to portfolio allocation, consider the percentiles of P/E and P/B ratios, as well as the SDR Sharpe Ratio, and the Fama French Five-Factor Model.


Portfolio Subgraph

Commoditize metrics such as P/E and SRD Sharpe Ratio by indexing them into The Graph for fee charging.


Monetized Portfolio Visualization

Enable users to input their wallet addresses, calculate portfolio APR, monthly interests, and discover superior alternative pools, all within a fee-based product.


Mobile App

Collaborating with integrated protocols, we plan to launch a mobile app that allows users to transition from fiat to crypto, engage in dollar-cost averaging, and convert back to fiat. This initiative has the potential to redefine traditional banking."

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