BSC Contracts

All Weather V1 Contract Addresses

Portfolio Contracts (deprecated)

  • Permanent Portfolio: 0x24D22cA076Dc055A6b0faD59678d91BA4C948000

Vault Contracts

  1. ApolloX Vault: 0xd56d8Dfd3A3D6F6dafc0b7b6945F6E7AB138706e

Portfolio Contracts (v2, got exploited)

  • Permanent Portfolio: 0xD188492217F09D18f2B0ecE3F8948015981e961a

Vault Contracts (v2)

  1. ApolloX Vault: 0x9Ad45D46e2A2ca19BBB5D5a50Df319225aD60e0d

Security Incident

  1. V2 contract got exploited on 3/5 and 3/6 (txn1, txn2) and lost around $10760

    1. cracker's address

  2. We've compensated all the losses to our users, and our co-founders took the losses themselves. Here are the transactions through which we paid back our users:

Operations Notes:

  1. If we integrate new protocols into the stablecoin vault, we would allocate some funds from the existing protocol (e.g. ApolloX) to the new protocol. But the shares would stay flat

  2. Example: 1share: 5.5alp+4.5vela = 5.5 * 0.05454545454545454+ 4.5 * 0.15555555555555556 10U: 5.4alp+4.6vela = 5.4 * 0.05454545454545454+ 4.6 * 0.15555555555555556

  3. 本來是以 ALP 的 shares 當作單位,mint 多少 ALP shares 等於你拿到多少 portfolio shares;現在新增的 pancakeswap protocol 的話,可以看看現在 ALP 佔 portfolio 幾%, 去推算應該叫 mint 多少 shares 給他。e.g. 如果 mint 50 個 ALP 然後目前 portfolio 會買 50% 的 ALP, 那代表應該 mint 給 user 100 個 shares。以此類推可以適用於任何比例的 portfolio 去動態調整 mint shares 的邏輯

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