Arbitrum Contracts (Deprecated)

All Weather V0 Contract Addresses

Join our discord server and then go visit #v1-arbitrum-user for customer service

Frontend Side

The frontend of deprecated contracts will be back to live soon, you can check the development status in this ticket

Contract Side

However, you can still accss your funds by inputing your address via Arbiscan

  1. Check Your Balance

  1. Check Your Claimable Rewards

  1. Claim Your Rewards:

Portfolio Contracts

  • Permanent Portfolio: 0x95503FfAffD9E8B2aEa782F36bb5C8B85a4e41D4

Vault Contracts

  1. Magic Vault: 0xA3CDd5a4b9f5a69C5C3a297A428A10B742F1c6E1

  2. Equilibria GLP Vault: 0xBb4D0819089879d83ae13fEe71aBeAa345629389

  3. Equilibria GDAI Vault: 0x0F658FC0C72A729F1B8F8444601D657D3F30Db41

  4. Equilibria RETH Vault: 0x5073bf9aE65963A5881F36560072adf5d4c6e870

  5. Equilibria Pendle Vault: 0x4999AE9fDD361Ca6278B0295dd65776b4587E1aA

  6. Radiant Arbitrum Vault: 0x99E9cE14C807e95329a2A35aDD52683528e53231

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